About Me

Hey ya'll! I'm Ashley Le Erica


When I was around the age of 6 I found out that I had an interest in creating. The school year was over and I was cleaning out my backpack and as I was throwing away old papers, pencils etc I took one of the folders I had in there and created a handbag. It was literally a folder with staples on the side and I poked holes on the top and added crotchet string for the straps. In my eyes I created a masterpiece something I was proud of I have the memory of being so excited and running to show my mom. It was at that moment the door to my creativity was unlocked.

Anyone who knows me well knows that it's my dream to work in the fashion industry. The amount of fun and creativity you're able to achieve is endless.

Fast forward I've always wanted to start my own clothing business for years but didn't know where I wanted to start. I planned and planned and planned but nothing seemed right. After enough brainstorming and failed attempts at ideas I realized that I wanted to create handmade items. But then it was the question of what was I going to make.

I decided to create an upcycled brand because that's where it all started with me at a very young age. Creating new items from something old and giving it new life and meaning is what I'm passionate about. Handbags were on my list  of first creations because that's where it all started!

Thank you for reading!